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Alphenta Keto Pro: In 28 days, you lose 14 kg – an effect confirmed by independent medical tests


My name is prof. Bruno Matěják and I are a scientist, a specialist in molecular biology. On this page, (Alphenta Keto Pro) I want to introduce you to the greatest success of my life, for which I have received several prestigious awards. I’ve developed a natural cure that lets everyone lose weight up to 14 pounds in 28 days – automatically, without dieting and effortlessly.

Therefore, if you want Alphenta Keto Pro lifestyle changes:

  • lose weight 14kg in 28 days – even if fasting and intense workouts did not have any effects before;
  • reduce the level of bad cholesterol already after the first 2 weeks of using the method and reduce the risk of atherosclerosis by 82%;
  • reduce blood sugar levels and effectively prevent the development of diabetes;
  • reduce the risk of stroke, heart attack, sprain and joint degeneration by 91%;
  • once and for all to stop the Jojo effect ;
  • get 3 times more energy and look great in every outfit …

You can get it all without visiting a nutritionist, training, starving, renouncing, and frustration. And at the same time save tens of thousands of crowns. So be sure to read what I want to tell you.

It does not matter how old you are, what medications you take and how long you are overweight. Regardless of whether your overweight is inherited, or you have it from pregnancy or because of medication. It does not matter if you only have a few pounds more or suffer from morbid obesity. Even if hundreds of attempts to lose weight did not produce results and only led to another disappointment … Know that ‘s over. Thanks to my method you can lose weight for up to 14 kg in 28 days and finally get an attractive, slender figure. No effort, no diet, no renunciation.

These are the reasons why my method is the perfect alternative for those who want to lose weight:

  • It is natural and works in harmony with the body. When you are starving, you will never reach your intended goal. Our body is made to eat. It’s simple and straightforward. The moment you refuse to give him food, you are acting against nature. So you can not achieve the weight loss effect for a long time. The same happens when you make your body perform unnatural exercises. My method changes the way fat burning and metabolic rate, and thanks …
  • It ensures a fast and very large effect. Instead of eating steamed vegetables, denying favorite dishes and sweets and counting every gram of food, you can simply tune your body to another level of fat burning. Without lifting dumbbells without doing a joke. It is a question of tuning metabolic mechanisms.
  • You do not have to starve. Yes, as I said, you can eat what you want, how much you want and when you want. It’s not a food that causes you to lose weight, but the way the body treats it with darker food and whether and how it converts it into energy.
  • Automatically burns fat 24 hours a day. Even if you are lying on a sofa and holding a driver in your hand, you can effectively lose weight. All because my method limits appetite and accelerates fat burning processes by more than 350%.
  • Protects health. My method cleanses the body from lethal sediments and toxins and also lowers the level of bad cholesterol and blood sugar. This reduces the risk of atherosclerosis, stroke, stroke, lesions, diabetes, and degeneration of the knee and hip joints.
  • It helps to lose weight once and for all. My method works in accordance with the natural functioning of the body. This makes it impossible for Jojo to come after each diet.
  • It allows you to save tens of thousands of crowns. Instead of spending money on nutrition advisors, coaches, and would-be dietetic products, you can use my method. Once for 1 month and overweight once and for all.

I have developed a natural method that eliminates the causes of overweight and automatically burns fat

Thanks to her, you get rid of overweight once and for all, get your dream figure and protect your health … You forget the unnaturally large size of clothing, knee pain as you climb the stairs, breathing in a few steps, and the body swept by sweat at the slightest exertion. And the stud, frustration, and jealousy that you have to overcome so often.

Thanks to my method you will have 14 kg less in 28 days. You go into every dress and your character will be amazed! Finally, you will proudly show your body on the beach, by the pool, or in the bedroom in the bedroom … All of this thanks to the fact that I managed to develop a 2-phase recipe that destroys the causes of overweight and burns fat 24 hours a day. How did I do that?

I wanted to free my wife from the complexes

According to the latest research, every third person in the Czech Republic is overweight. This is a huge problem, especially for women. A nice body gives confidence and brings us a sense of attraction – it is absolutely natural and right for every person. Worse, obesity poses serious health risks. Overweight causes not only “increased” (approximately 350%) risk of stroke, atherosclerosis, diabetes, lethargy, heart attack or severe joint degeneration. It is also the cause of problems that make day-to-day life difficult – for example, thumbs up, eczema or rashes and allergies. Unfortunately, problems with overweight also touched my wife Aneta …

Before our wedding, it was a handsome, beautiful woman. She did not count calories – she ate what she wanted, and she did not. However, as the years passed, after the birth of two children, she began to gain. Faldy on her stomach and massive hips and thighs became the source of large complexes for her. Even though I loved her the way she was, I also noticed it was not the best thing about her. Both physically and mentally.

Aneta was ashamed of her body, unable to cope with her appearance. She was always irritated due to this. I was just afraid to start talking to her. One day the whole hysterical came home. “My clothes were ripped. I’m a nasty fat whale! “She cried out, and she sneered. She slammed the door and locked into the bedroom. And so he began to look at our everyday life.

It threatened her life!

But the worst was yet to come. Aneta started having health problems. Her joints ceased to obey. She could not go to the second floor because her knees were hurt and she could not catch her breath. So she went to the doctor and he had no mercy. She very frankly said, “If you do not lose cholesterol and you do not lower your cholesterol, then you will not be retired .” That’s why she began to lose weight, or rather … to starve. Unfortunately, no diet was effective. Just a few pounds she grew even more because of slow metabolism. She was becoming more and more frustrated. Not only was she disgusted with her body but was still losing health.

How did I invent an “overweight antibody”?

I had to help the woman regain a slim body and with him a good state of mind, and above all health. I wanted her to get rid of her obsession with her and she was happy again. I thought, ” Man, you are a scientist! You have biology and chemistry in your little one. You have developed a lot of resources for various diseases. Eat something overweight yourself! “And then I started researching …

For more than a year, I have been performing intensive laboratory tests. I tested different combinations of active substances on my wife. I will emphasize only that all were 100% natural and safe for the organism. Scientific knowledge, hard work and a bit of luck quickly brought results – I developed a unique, 2-phase weight loss recipe. I called it Alphenta Keto Pro. I immediately applied it for extensive research. Its 98% efficiency has been confirmed by the largest research centers in Europe and the US! Even during the tests, my formula naturally helped volunteers to lose an average of 14 kg in 1 month.

My wife practically felt right after using my 2-phase weight loss recipe. She was glad she had no hunger, that she was not afraid of the unwavering desire for unhealthy food or something sweet. And that was only the beginning. After the first week, she lost a whole 5 pounds. It cleansed her energy. “Bruno, I feel like I’m losing fat ” – she cried with all red joy when she wore trousers she had not been in for four years!

She died without a diet of 26 kg in 2 months

We did not believe our own eyes, as weighing fewer pounds every day, and the circumference of my waist, hips, and thighs diminished. The cellulite she hated so much disappeared. After two months, my wife’s whole joyful pirate: “Bruno, I tried my wedding dress and fallen perfectly! I got a figure as I had before the wedding! You invented an overweight antibody! How many people will help! Thank you so much. “

Aneta, thanks to my 2-phase weight loss recipe, lost 26 pounds in 2 months. Hub automatically, without cruel diet, without exercise. She cleanses the organism and gets her energy out of it – it runs faster than our daughter – it does not hurt her and she gets rid of her thumb! But that’s not all. During her doctor’s visit, her doctor praised her results. Cholesterol has normalized and we are no longer afraid of atherosclerosis, heart attack or stroke!

So much weight loss without health hazards was still unachievable. Today, with my 2-phase weight loss recipe, you can lose weight quickly and safely, avoiding the Jojo effect.

Let me briefly tell you why my weight loss formula is so effective. Its action is 2-phase:

Phase I – Cleansing the organism

You will never lose 1 kg unless you cleanse your body. Even if you are hungry and tortured by exercising, the weight does not move because there are up to 15 kg of rotting sediments in your gut, and poisonous toxins circulate in the bloodstream. That prevents metabolism and blocks fat burning, though you may not realize their existence. There is no escape from them. You inhale them with air, drink with water and eat in food – with fruits and vegetables.

My formula effectively cleans the organism from sediments and toxins. It switches the body into a completely different mode of operation – elimination of toxins, but also faster burning of fat tissue and gaining 15 times more energy from food. This is why it is possible to completely eliminate hunger, radically reduce appetite and stop Jojo effect. Thanks to this, after several days of using my method, you can enter the auto fat burning phase.

Phase II – Automatic fat burning

I’ve included natural ingredients in the recipe that literally break the fat cells. You do not have to go to the gym, run or practice. If you want to have muscles, of course, you can. However, if you just want to get rid of fat from the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks and get rid of cellulite, just use my 2-phase weight loss prescription.

After just a few days, you start to burn fat 24 hours a day, even during sleep. What’s more, you permanently block Jojo effect. You can be sure to get rid of the hated fat irretrievably. This method stops the storage of adipose tissue at the molecular level and radically increases its burning.

More Than 98% Efficiency

Until now, effective weight loss seemed to be impossible. Today, with my 2-phase weight loss recipe, you can not only stop but also completely reverse the gaining process. This confirms the case of my wife and 14,000 people who, thanks to my 2-phase weight loss prescription, have gained a slim figure. In addition, its effectiveness has been demonstrated without any doubt by the American Research Center in Chicago. This is a worldwide discovery that has won recognition and admiration for outstanding nutrition and weight loss specialists.

It Is 100% Safe and Breakfast Easy to Use

Natural ingredients make miracles – it is enough that science develops their perfect composition! This is the password that inspired me to develop a 2-phase weight loss recipe. The cure contains only natural, safe and superactive substances. I processed them in the form of effervescent tablets so that everyone could easily do the treatment individually at home. Just drink a cup of tasty drink and watch how fat is literally released every day from the stomach, thighs, and buttocks, revealing a dreamlike, slender figure.

For all your friends, acquaintances and family, your metamorphosis will make you feel. They will not believe that you lost weight so fast and you did nothing!

The cure has a unique form of water-soluble tablets, thanks to which it acts on 3 planes and ensures:

1. Total Health Safety – The 2-phase weight loss formula does not contain any inexpensive fillers (such as flour or gypsum) or dangerous parasite larvae, such as 30% weight loss capsules. It is completely natural and safe. It is thanks to this that it immediately absorbs into the body and influences its functioning.

2. Proper hydration – The water-soluble tablet allows for a 350% better absorption of the active ingredients but is also responsible for proper hydration. This is very important for effective weight loss. Most methods dehydrate the body, resulting in disruption of the functioning of the body and the emergence of defensive reactions. The body begins to defend itself from losing weight. It cannot lose weight. The only use of my method drives the body 4 times better than drinking 1 liter of water.

3. Immediate effect – thanks to its liquid form, the cure immediately after delivery to the body. If you had a drink before reading this text, you would already be burning fat!

How could you miss that chance to get a dream, a slim figure?

You can continue to suffer from overweight complexes and expose your health to danger. You can still be tortured with ineffective diets … But why guarantee you a quick, simple and safe way to lose weight 14kg in 28 days and get a dreamed, slim figure? Just 28 days of treatment to join the 14 this. satisfied users of Alphenta Keto Pro who have already lost weight and are now enjoying an attractive character and good health.

You do not risk anything!

By using Alphenta Keto Pro Diet, you lose 14kg in 28 days. Moreover, you do not risk anything! As a worldwide success, my 2-phase weight loss recipe has won a prestigious guarantee of triple satisfaction: originality, quality, and satisfaction.

Guarantee of triple satisfaction

1. Guarantee of originality – Alphenta Keto Pro Diet was used for the first time so effective in weight loss. It’s a unique connection that overcomes the cause of overweight while triggering automatic fat burning. Therefore, you can be sure that you will receive the original treatment that is only available through these sites.

2. Quality assurance – the cleanliness of Alphenta Keto Pro Diet is consistent with the highest quality standards due to the advanced preparation process. It is the composition of the most powerful weight loss substances selected to be absolutely safe for the body. All this in order to meet your expectations 100%.

3. Guarantee of satisfaction – the effectiveness of the treatment is confirmed by the fact that all its users have successfully lost at least 14 kg in 1 month. Everyone, led by me, is sure that you will also be free from the overweight nightmare and proudly boast your new, slender figure.

Lose 14kg in 28 days with Alphenta Keto Pro Diet quickly, easily and economically

Big pharmaceutical gangs from the US and Japan are literally looking for a patent on my 2-phase weight loss prescription. As soon as I sell the patent, the cure will be available all over the world, and it will certainly be very expensive.

Before that happened, I decided to make it available first in the Czech Republic for participation in the discount club – with a financial contribution of 59 %. All this to help effectively lose as many people as possible in my home country.

I, therefore, recommend that you take this opportunity! Orders at the discount club are easy. You do not have to send any money over the internet or pay a card to get Alphenta Keto Pro. All you have to do is fill in the form in 2 minutes, and after a few days, you will receive a shipment that you will pay comfortably to a courier or postman.

Thank you for the time you spent reading my news. I wish you good luck in your new life. No overweight and complex, but with self-confidence and full vitality.

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