Cássio holds tie between Corinthians and Palmeiras in Itaquera

In a cold night in Sao Paulo and with little offensive inspiration, goalkeeper Cassio, with important defenses, secured a 1-1 draw between Corinthians and Palmeiras on Sunday at the Corinthians Arena, valid for the 13th round of the Brasileirão . The last time the teams were level on the scoreboard was in 2015, there are 12 matches. With the result, the home team reaches 20 points, while rival adds 28 and remains in the runner-up, but sees Santos open four at the end of the leaderboard.

The ball began to roll for the owners of the last four Brasileirão titles (Corinthians, in 2015 and 2017, and Palmeiras, in 2016 and 2018) at an unusual time for classics: at 7 pm on Sunday. As it played on Thursday for the South American, at 21.30 , the team alvinegro could not return to work with an interval less than 72 hours.

Already Palmeiras arrived for the confrontation pressed. Not even the 4-0 win over Godoy Cruz and the quarterfinal qualification of the Copa Libertadores did not calm the cheering crowd. On Saturday, members of the Palmeiras main organized a protest at the Football Academy , where the team trained, demanding a victory in the classic.The main target was coach Felipão.

In the field, a script already known by the fans of the two teams of the last clashes was repeated. Palmeiras began dominating all actions in the first 10 minutes and demanded at least a good defense from Cassio. But in Corinthians’s first attack of danger, Manoel opened the scoring. The defender seized a cross ball in the area by Sornoza and headed hard into Weverton’s right corner. The ball still touched the post before entering.

With the advantage in the scorer, Corinthians started playing in the best style Fábio Carille. Two tightly closed lines in defense and only one striker in attack. Safe behind, the team still managed to scare a few times in the first half in counterattacks and set pieces, specialty of Ecuadorian Sornoza.

Noticeably annoyed, especially with the large number of fouls scored by the referee Anderson Daronco, the Palmeirenses could not organize to attack, even with more time of possession. With Henrique Dourado and Borja in the medical department, Deyverson was cast as center forward, but was little fired. And the few times he was able to participate in the offensive moves, he was wrong. Another bet by Scolari who had his performance erased in the first stage was Raphael Veiga, who did not even return to the second half, giving way to Gustavo Scarpa.

Even before the change was felt on the field, Palmeiras managed to draw. Dyeverson managed to retrieve a wrong cross ball and, from the left end, lifted into the area and found Felipe Melo. Without marking, the defensive midfielder only had the job of sending the ball to the bottom of the goal.

With the equality on the scoreboard, the two teams began to act more cautiously. Defensive midfielder Gabriel / Junior Urso and Felipe Melo / Bruno Henrique were more concerned with defensive actions and left off attacking players.

On the Corinthian side, again the lack of offensive power was evidenced. Pedrinho, Clayson, and Vagner Love could scare Weverton little. Not even the entries of Matthew Vital and Matheus Jesus, highlights in the last matches, had no effect.

Already Palmeiras managed to scare a few times, especially with counterattacks pulled by Dudu and Zé Rafael. In one of the clearest chances of goal, the Corinthians defense missed the offside attempt and Gustavo Gómez appeared alone in front of Cássio, who got the defense.

In additions, the Corinthian goalkeeper reappeared. Dudu hit a cross for Deyverson, who headed in the right corner. Cassio managed to look spectacularly at the angle and prevented the turn.

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