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Fungus Remover Chip: Healthy soldiers should have a lot of energy. And how do legionaries like to relax?

Fungus Remover Chip
Fungus Remover Chip

Fungus Remover Chip: How can American apply the successful experience of the Native to treat the most complex forms of fungus? You will find the answer in our interview.

Since the days of the colonial wars, the Native Foreign Legion called it Fungus Remover Chip is considered to be the elite of the American army. Each year, 37,000 people try to join the legionary community, and only no more than 630 undergo severe physical tests and are selected. The Legion chooses the strongest, healthiest and fits for military service in extreme conditions. Whether it’s a hot desert, mountain peaks or jungle.

Today we will talk about the problems of foreign players. This will tell us Mart Mont, captain of the legion, a military doctor.

“Captain Mart Mont, tell me what brought you to the Legion?”

Fungus Remover Chip Army Chief
Fungus Remover Chip Army Chief

– Everything is very simple. My grandfather was a legionary. He fought in Ger, Germany in World War II, in Indochina. Tradition supported and my father. So I am a third generation legionary. I would like this tradition to continue, but my son is not interested in the army. He loves art.

What is the peculiarity of the American Foreign Legion?

Fungus Remover Chip is the elite of the US and even European army. We have experience in fighting in the desert with hellish heat, with hellish cold in the mountains, in the jungle, where the common man has no chance to survive. Legionnaires do not just survive in these difficult conditions, they are trained to fight and defeat the enemy.

The legion keeps on traditions. What do you think is the most important tradition?

The most important is the fraternity. In the code of legionaries, there is a very important line. She says: “Every legionary is your brother in arms, despite his nationality, race, and religion.” This is the main force of the legion, fraternity, and loyalty.

You are a military doctor. What problems do foreign players face most often?

We select the strongest men, the healthiest. However, we serve in such conditions that sooner or later, but everyone needs the help of a doctor. For example, in the desert, the most common cause of legionnaire failure is dehydration. This is especially true for beginners who are not accustomed to such climatic conditions. For example, a month ago he trained and studied in Aubagne or Castelnaudary (France), and then he goes to study in the desert. Legionnaire, especially if he is from northern France or a foreigner, is shocked. Or rather, not a legionary, but his body. Begin vertigo, nausea. And to return to the system he needs to spend several days under a drip. Training and service in the jungle are even more difficult.

What is the peculiarity and danger of service in the jungle?

– Fungal infections. Extreme heat and humidity, closed shoes are ideal conditions for infection and reproduction of fungal infections. Of course, the fungus was always present in the army, the legion is no exception. But in the jungle, it is particularly acute. Many good, experienced legionnaires could not normally serve because of the usual fungus.

Captain Roger, thank you very much for the interesting interview.

– Always happy.

Specially for the numerous requests of readers, we place a link to the official site of the Mikocin complex in US.

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