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Kalis Keto: To Have 3 Times More Power and To Look Great In Every Outfit

My name is Prof. Bruno Hauer and I am a scientist, more specifically an expert in molecular biology. On this page, I would like to introduce you to the greatest accomplishment of my life, for which I have already received some prestigious awards. (Kalis Keto) I have developed a natural treatment that will allow you to lose up to 14 Kg in 28 days – automatically, without diet and without effort.

Therefore, if you WITHOUT changing your lifestyle:

You can get it all without dieticians, diets, training, hunger strikes, sacrifices, and frustration. And at the same time, you can save thousands of francs. Be sure to read what I have to say.

It does not matter how old you are, what medications you take or how long you are overweight. Whether your overweight is hereditary, whether it is pregnancy kilos or medication. (Kalis Keto) It does not matter if you only have a few extra pounds or if you have morbid obesity. Even if hundreds of attempts to lose weight did not lead to results and only brought further disappointment … you should know it’s the end. Thanks to my method, you can lose up to 14 kg in 28 days and finally win an attractive, slim figure. Without effort, diets, and renunciations.

Here’s why my method is a perfect alternative to diets:

  • It is natural and works in harmony with your body. When you are hungry, you will never reach your intended goal. Our body is made to eat. It’s easy and obvious. The moment you refuse food, you act against nature. So you can no longer achieve a slimming effect. The same thing happens when you force the body to do unnatural exercises. My method changes fat burning and metabolic rate, and thereby.
  • Guarantees a fast and very big effect. Instead of eating stewed vegetables for months, you can eat your favorite foods and sweets instead of weighing every gram and counting every calorie. You can simply tune the body to another level of fat burning. Without lifting weights, sit-ups, and pushups. It’s about adjusting the metabolic mechanisms
  • You do not have to starve. Yes, as I said, you can eat whatever you want and when you want. It is not the food that does not make you lose weight, but the way the body disposes of consumed food and how it transforms it into energy.
  • Automatic fat burning 24 hours a day. (Kalis Keto) Even if you lie on the sofa and hold a remote control in your hand, you can lose weight effectively. All this because my method limits appetite and speeds up fat burning processes by over 350%.
  • Protects health. My method cleanses the body of deadly debris and toxins, and also reduces levels of bad cholesterol and blood sugar. This radically reduces the risk of arteriosclerosis, stroke, stroke, stroke and diabetes as well as degeneration of the knee and hip joints.
  • Bacon once and for all. My method works in accordance with the natural type of body function. Thanks to this fact, there is no possibility of the yo-yo effect that follows any diet.
  • Saves thousands of francs. Instead of wasting money on diets, trainers and supposedly dietetic products, you can use my method. Once for 1 month – and you’ll get rid of the problem of being overweight for good.

I have developed a natural method that eliminates the causes of obesity and automatically burns fat

Thanks to her you will get rid of excess kilos once and for all, get your dream figure and protect your health … You will forget unnaturally large dress sizes, knee pain when climbing stairs, shortness of breath after a few steps and bodies with the least effort. And also the shame, frustration, and jealousy that had to be devoured so often.

Thanks to my method you will weigh about 14 kg less in 28 days. You will fit in any garment and your figure will astonish you! Eventually, you’ll be proud to reveal your body on the beach, by the pool, or in front of your partner in the bedroom … All thanks to the fact that I’ve developed a 2-phase formula that destroys the causes of obesity and automatically fats for 24 hours a day Day is burning. How did I do it?

I wanted to free my wife from her complexes

According to the latest research, every third person in Switzerland is overweight. This is a big problem for women in particular. A shapely body gives confidence and makes us more attractive – it is a perfectly natural and correct need for each one of us. What’s worse, obesity is a serious health risk. Overweight causes “not only” an increased risk (about 350%) for stroke, arteriosclerosis, diabetes, stroke, heart attack or severe joint degeneration. It is also the cause of diseases that make life difficult every day – for example, hallux, eczema or rashes and allergies. Unfortunately, overweight problems have also affected my wife Annika …

Before our wedding, she was a beautiful, slender woman. She did not count calories – she ate what she wanted and never grew. Over the years, after the birth of two children, she began to gain weight. Bacon rolls on the stomach, massive hips and thighs were the sources of large complexes. Although I loved her as she was, I also noticed that she was very unhappy with it. It finished her physically and mentally.

Marie was ashamed of her body, she could not make friends with her looks. She was quite confused. I was literally afraid to talk to her. One day she returned home hysterically. I’m an ugly, fat cow! “She cried sobbing. She slammed the door shut and locked herself in the bedroom. And so our everyday life began to look.

It has threatened her life!

The worst was yet to come. Marie started to get sick. Her joints started to break. She was unable to climb to the second floor because her knees ached and she could not catch her breath. So she went to the doctor and he had no mercy for her. To be honest, he just said, “If you do not lose weight and lower your cholesterol, you will not survive to old age .” That’s why she started losing weight, or rather … starving. Unfortunately, no diets were effective. If she had lost a few pounds, then she took up again due to the released metabolism. She was more and more frustrated. Not only did she feel disgusted by her body, but she also lost more and more health.

How did I invent “antidote”?

I had to help my wife to regain a slim body and thus a good state of mind and, above all, health. I wanted her to lose her obsession with looks and be happy again. I thought to myself, ” Man, you’re a scientist, you have biology and chemistry in your little finger, you’ve already developed many solutions to various diseases, think about overweight yourself!” And then I started researching.

I’ve been doing intensive lab tests for over a year. I tested different combinations of drugs on my wife. I just want to emphasize that all of them were 100% natural and safe for the body. Scientific knowledge, hard work and a bit of luck have been quick – I have developed a unique, 2-phase weight loss formula. I called her Kalis Keto. I immediately filed a broader inquiry. Its 98% effectiveness has been confirmed by the largest research centers in Europe and the US! During the tests of my formula, volunteers have lost an average of 14 kg per month.

My wife felt better after using my 2-phase slimming formula. She was glad that there were no hunger attacks, that she was not disturbed by an unrestrained desire for unhealthy food or something sweet. And that was just the beginning. After the first week, she lost 5 kg. She bubbled with energy. “Bruno, I feel as if the fat melts from me ” – she cried with joy as she put on the pants she had not worn in four years!

She took 26 kg without dieting within 2 months

We could not believe our eyes, as the scale pointed to fewer kilograms every day, and the circumference of my wife’s waist, hips, and thighs decreased. The cellulite she hated so much disappeared. After 2 months my wife confessed happily: “Bruno, I tried on my wedding dress and it was perfect! I won my figure from before our wedding! You invented an antidote for obesity! How many people you can help! Thank you.

Thanks to my 2-phase slimming formula, Annika has lost 26 Kg in 2 months. She took off automatically, without a draconian diet, without exercise. She cleaned her body and got a burst of energy – she runs faster up the stairs than our daughter – nothing hurts her and she also got rid of the cellulite! But that’s not all. During the visit to the doctor, the doctor praised her results. The cholesterol level has returned to normal and we are no longer afraid of atherosclerosis, stroke or heart attack!

Having lost such a large weight loss without harming health had previously been unattainable. Today, with the help of my 2-phase slimming formula, you can not only lose weight quickly and safely but also avoid the yo-yo effect.

Let me explain briefly why my slimming formula is so effective. Their mode of action is two-phase:

I. Phase – Detox des Organismus

You will not even lose 1 kg if you do not rid your body of toxins. Even if you work out in the gym and starve to death – the weight does not change, because in your gut can put up to 15 kg of decaying deposits and circulating in the blood poisonous toxins. They inhibit metabolism and block fat burning. Although you may not be aware of its existence. There is no escape from them. They breathe in the air, drink with the water and eat it – even in the fruit and vegetables.

My formula detoxifies the organism from deposits and toxins. It changes the body in a completely different way of functioning – eliminating toxins, but also faster burning of fatty tissue and 15 times more energy from the diet. Therefore, it is possible to completely eliminate hunger pangs, reduce appetite and stop the yo-yo effect. Thanks to this method, you can enter the automatic fat burning phase after only a few days with my method.

II phase – Automatic fat burning

In the formula, I have included natural substances that literally smash fat cells. You do not have to go to the gym, run or do any other sport. If you want muscle – you can do it naturally. However, if you only want to get rid of stomach fat, thighs, and a big butt, as well as cellulite – just use my 2-phase formula.

After only a few days you will automatically burn the fat 24 hours a day, even while asleep. In addition, you prevent the yo-yo effect permanently. You can be sure that you will get rid of the hateful fat forever. Thanks to this method, you stop the deposition of fatty tissue at the molecular level and you will radically turn up its combustion.

Why was my 2-phase slimming formula celebrated as “a wonderful antidote to overweight?”


So far, effective weight loss seemed completely impossible. Today, with the help of my 2-phase slimming formula, you can not just stop the process of gaining weight, but completely reverse it. This confirms the case of my wife and 14 thousand. People who have already gotten a slim figure thanks to my 2-phase slimming formula. In addition, its effectiveness was undoubtedly proven by the American Research Center in Chicago. This is a worldwide discovery that has won recognition and admiration for outstanding nutrition and weight loss specialists.


Natural ingredients work wonders – it’s enough for science to develop its perfect composition! Here’s the slogan that inspired me to develop a 2-phase formula. The treatment contains only natural, safe and super-effective substances. I developed them in the form of effervescent tablets so that everyone can easily carry out the treatment at home. Just drink a serving of a delicious drink to see how fat literally evaporates from your stomach, thighs, and buttocks every day, revealing the dream, a slender figure.

All your friends, acquaintances and family will be impressed by your metamorphosis. You will not believe that you have lost weight so fast without doing anything!

The treatment has a unique form of effervescent tablets, thanks to which it works on three levels, which ensures:

1. Complete Health Safety – 2-Phase Slimming does not contain cheap fillers (such as flour or gypsum) or dangerous parasitic larvae, such as 30% weight loss capsules. It is completely natural and safe for health. As a result, it is immediately absorbed by the body and influences its function.

2. Appropriate Hydrogenation – A tablet dissolved in water allows a 350% better absorption of the active ingredients, but is also responsible for proper hydration. This is very important for effective weight loss. Most methods dehydrate the body, resulting in a disruption of bodily functions and the appearance of defense reactions. The body begins to defend itself against losing weight. You can not lose weight. The unique use of my method justifies the organism to drink 4 times better than 1 liter of water.

3. Immediate action – thanks to its liquid form, the treatment works immediately after its introduction into the body. If you drank a portion before reading this text, you would already burn fat!

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