Maia advocates rediscussing the FGTS model in a ‘definitive way’; leaders want greater serve value

The short-term decision is correct, but we should discuss which models we definitely want for FGTS,” he told Estadão / Broadcast . “Worker’s money should not be used by governments as it has been used in recent years, much less have received the shameful remuneration it received. There is no criticism of the current government, but in my assessment this debate should take place quickly, ”he said.


Maia said she has not yet had the opportunity to read the text of the measure and has not yet talked to congressional leaders on the subject. He said, however, that economist Samuel Pessoa is doing work for the House on the topic of FGTS, in dialogue with the economic team. “We want to help in the debate,” he said.

The provisional measure that released withdrawals of up to R $ 500 from active and inactive FGTS accounts has the force of law and produces immediate effects, but to become a permanent measure as argued by the Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes, depends on the approval of the National Congress to that is permanent.

The leader of Somos, José Nelto (GO), said he will propose an amendment raising the limit of bag to $ 1,000. “The value is little, could be more. It is not enough. The impact on the economy will be smaller than in 2017, and the ideal would be greater,” said the MP.”R $ 500 is alms,” criticized Paulinho da Força, leader of Solidarity in the House.

“It is important to note that the money from the FGTS belongs to the workers and they have to participate in the discussion of the fund’s fate,” said DEM leader Elmar Nascimento (BA). He considers, however, that the “blanket is short” and possible changes cannot affect the resources that go to real estate financing.

Deputy Marcel Van Hattem (RS), leader of Novo, said the subtitle should propose a more radical change in the text. For the party, one of the most aligned with Guedes’s economic policy, all FGTS resources must be in the hands of the workers. “The Novo argues that there is no contribution,” he said.

Senate minority leader Randolfe Rodrigues (Rede-AP) said the FGTS would be a “sigh” in an increasingly contractionary economic policy. “If the government is releasing $ 500, it may be able to make an extra effort and release $ 600 or $ 700 without compromising the construction industry,” he said.


Every month, employers deposit in accounts opened with Caixa Econômica Federal, on behalf of employees, the amount corresponding to 8% of the salary of each employee.

For apprenticeship work contracts, the percentage is reduced to 2%. In the case of domestic worker, the payment corresponds to 11.2%, being 8% as a monthly deposit and 3.2% as anticipation of the severance pay.

These monthly deposits belong to employees who, in specific situations, may withdraw the total. The fund does not carry a salary discount as it is an obligation of the employer.

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