SP Military Police vehicles will change color

The red, gray and black colors applied on the white vehicle and the map design of the State of São Paulo in the same colors on its sides will be replaced by a predominantly white version with small details in the colors already used by the PM .

According to PM, at first, 1,736 new vehicles with the new visual identity were acquired . Old cars will continue to run in all regions and it is expected that in five years the entire fleet will take over the new model.

In a statement, PM said that the new layout allows savings that can be reversed to purchase new cars. “Previously, the white vehicle received additional paint, a set of stickers, and passed through the paint booth three times, individually for each color. In case of an accident, repairing a part required painting the entire vehicle.”

Asked, the PM did not report the amount spent on new vehicles. The São Paulo Public Security Bureau (SSP) did not comment on the purchase of vehicles.

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